Russell’s lecture demonstrations and practical explorations allowed me to develop a new awareness of my body and its movement potential. It helped to connect the dots with regards to my knowledge of movement.
— Workshop participant


Russell Maliphant Company believes in investing in the future of the dance industry by fostering and educating talent and challenging the next generation of movement artists, dancers and choreographers.

The company’s participation activity is born from the heart of Maliphant’s creative process, merging techniques from classical and contemporary dance with principals and concepts from Bodywork and Martial arts.

Activities offered explore an extensive range of disciplines from classical ballet, contact improvisation, yoga, capoeira and martial arts.  Teaching may focus on one form, a combination of styles, or emphasise a particular theme, such as release technique, partner work or body contact. 



We offer various opportunities throughout the year, including student placements, dance artist call-outs, workshops and education activity, and much more. Keep an eye out on our Opportunities and Activity pages for more information.




If you'd like to hear more about what we offer, please contact our Access and Education Manager Olive Kane
+44 (0)7538 328 244