Professional class at The Place - Booking now open


Booking is now open for a Professional Class at the Place, led by Russell Maliphant Company.

Led by Russell Maliphant Company dance artist Grace Jabbari the class is based on world-renowned choreographer Russell Maliphant’s creative process, merging techniques from classical and contemporary dance with principles and concepts from Bodywork and Martial arts.

Grace Jabbari has worked with Russell Maliphant Company on several projects including Sagami commercial Act of Love, Universal Pictures documentary feature film Nuryev, Messum’s Wiltshire, Concel|Reveal (international tour 2017) and Maliphant Works 2. 

All professional classes at The Place are intended for high-level dancers only. These classes offer professional dancers an opportunity to maintain their skills and abilities, network with other professionals and find new projects to work on.

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